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Find out what’s going on around you. Wherever you are, discover events, places to visit, messages and photos left nearby.

Search and Discover

Discover and rediscover places. Search and explore what is happening around you, the events you don’t want to miss, messages and photos left nearby. Taggeo allows you to know where to go, what to see and what to do, anytime, anywhere.

Social Aggregation

Taggeo searches for the awesome stuff in other social networks so you don't have to.

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Did you find an awesome place? That event that you waited for so long? A funny photo someone left near you? Maybe an interesting message somewhere? Add it as a favorite and/or share it with your friends through Taggeo, Email or Facebook!

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Share your thoughts anywhere. Leave your tags and photos in any place. Share them with your friends on Taggeo or on Facebook.

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What is Taggeo

Taggeo is a mobile application that allows you to discover awesome things around you or anywhere in the world. Wherever you are, find events, places to visit, photos and even hidden messages left nearby.

Are you tired of having so many different apps to find the information you want? Now you can find everything around you through one single app, without having to install different apps for each type of content. We search for the things you like, so you don't have to.

You can also share your thoughts anywhere! Comment on events, places, photos and messages or leave your own tags and photos in any place. You can even recommend anything to your friends or share anything you like with your friends on Taggeo or on Facebook.

What is new?

With the new Taggeo you can find awesome things around you with one single app.

Use Taggeo to find the best events, places, photos and even hidden messages around you or in any place.

Taggeo's UI was completely redesigned and rebuilt to give you the best experience and allows you to discover everything nearby.

About Taggeo

Founded by Tiago Fernandes, Mariana Teixeira and Rúben Ribeiro in 2012, Taggeo is a location-based social networking application that allows you to easily discover everything around you or anywhere else. Based in Porto, Portugal, the concepts that lead to Taggeo were born from an idea that dates back to 2007 and it became a personal passion since then.




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Taggeo's premium features are currently in closed-beta. If you want to know more or if you would like to have early access to Taggeo Premium, please contact us



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What can I do with Taggeo?

Taggeo gives you all the information you need on what’s happening around you or anywhere. With Taggeo you no longer need lots of apps to know where the best places to visit are, to discover the events you can’t miss, to drop and share geolocated messages and photos, or to have fun discovering what other people dropped around.

Taggeo is fun, useful, versatile and helps you saving your phone’s memory by putting an end to the need of having a dozen apps that can’t do together all that Taggeo does by itself!

Besides, you can also view and download touristic routes available on Taggeo’s Route Store (free and paid routes) that will surely enhance your experience of discovering new places!

What do I need to use Taggeo?

To use Taggeo you just need a smartphone and the Taggeo application. For now, it is just available for iOS, but we are already preparing a new version for Android and Windows Phone.

To use Taggeo you just need a smartphone with internet connection and the Taggeo application. For now, Taggeo’s newest version is only available on the App Store for iOS, but we are already working on this awesome new version for Android and Windows Phone.

How can I register?

You can register using either your email account through Taggeo’s app or website, or you can also log in using your Facebook account.

Can I add friends?

Sure! You can invite them through the website or the mobile app, using email or facebook contacts.

Can I share the contents with my friends?

Yes! You can share all the contents and your activity on Taggeo with your friends on facebook or by email.

How do I leave messages?

Just open the mobile application and tap “Map” – then just tap "Tag this place” and compose your message.

Can I only leave messages on the place where I am on a given moment?

Yes. With the Taggeo mobile app you can only leave tags on the very same place you are at that moment.





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